Stove-Top Paella Mixta

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Spain's most recognizable dish, dare I say national dish? Its more regional, than national although, I may have some Madridlenos coming at my throat. I went to school in Spain in the late 90s to 2000s. I lived with a senora who taught me her version of making this dish. Being that she was Madrid of course she had made it her own. If you go to Valencia the "home of Paella" its made very differently. And Valencianos will cringe at the thought of chorizo in paella. Paella's origins are quite humble. It was a "poor man's' dish and they actually used wild rabbit or whatever the farmer had on hand. Obviously here in Kenya, I try my best to use our local ingredients and what might be available. The only thing I don't comprise on is the saffron and technic. We make 4 types: vegetarian, seafood mixed w/chorizo, seafood mixed w/merghuez and meat paellas.

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