Saffron Mushroom Risotto

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This dish is like a warm bear hug. Its super comforting. There's a food law out there about eating risotto when its fresh off the pot and I know some will be up in arms, but I actually prefer it the next day. It's like all the flavors come together the longer it sits. And would you believe it reheated on lower power in the microwave is best or on the stovetop on low fire with a little stock or water. I can hear the Italians booing but its delicious! We also use a locally grown Japanese short grain rice that is extremely starchy, Portobello and Cremini mushrooms and a Miso broth! They're definitely coming for me now :). We can make it purely vegan and omit the parmaggiano but watch your back because its now sacrilege :), but you do you!

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