Taco Bar w/trimmings & fillings (Beef or Pork Carnitas or Chicken or Goat Carnitas or Red Snapper Roasted Veggies, Salsas, Tacos)

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We're well known for our taco bars at catering events. (We once served a Taco bar to 150 guests at a wedding. I was young and foolish :)) This is a downsized version of what we serve at private events. If you're serving more than 20 people I advise you get in touch. This taco bar is such a fun and festive platter and could easily serve 10-15 people.

It consists of:

-2 main proteins: (chicken, goat, beef or pork or fish);

-two salsas: (our famous sweet corn and mango salsa(seasonal), tomato salsa/pico de gallo);

-20 flour tortillas (cilantro, butternut and plain);

-Turmeric rice

-Roasted Vegetables

-Salsa roja and Salsa verde

*Please note the best mangoes are in season from December to April after which we really struggle to find sweet affordable Apple Mangoes. Outside this period we don't make the Mango salsa. We will replace it with a red cabbage slaw.

Food Presentation Matters!

With platters like tacos, mezze, salads and charcuterie presentation is so important and take away dishes are such a vibe kill. We understand that you don't always have the right dishes for this food. So, we're offering a new service where we plate our delicious food, prepared with so much love and effort on our beautiful bowls, platters and boards. You can now add on this as a service fee and send them back by Uber or drop them off right after your event.

Alternatively you can send us your dishes and we're happy to plate on them.

p.s. Note, unfortunately there will be a cost of replacement fee for any breakages or chipping.

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