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Valentine’s Day Bouquet

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This is a very large bouquet. Abundant with red gladiola stems, baby pink tuber roses and roses, pink lilies, snapdragons, lavender and rosemary. This is a modern update on a Valentine’s bouquet. Lavender dries well; once the bouquet is done, take the lavender out of water to dry for a long-lasting vase life.

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-6 assorted cut gladiolas, tuber roses, pink roses, snapdragon, lavender, lilies, and rosemary
-Remove flowers immediately from bouquet boy and rehydrate. Cut 2-3” from bottom of stem and place in warm water. Stems will absorb a significant amount of water in the first 24 hours; add more water as needed. Keep cut end of the stem constantly submerged.
-Avoid heat and direct sunlight
-Please note: bloom color may vary throughout the season.
-Natural specimens; variance in appearance may occur

-18-24″H, 14-18″W

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